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Barcode Software For Mac and PC

The Professionals Choice For Mac and PC Barcode Software
All The Latest Barcode Types • The Comprehensive Barcode Solution
• Easy To Use • Cost Effective • Mac OSX & Windows PC

All the Barcode standards including QRCode, ISBN-13, Datamatrix,
LAETUS, SISAC, Marks & Spencer, DataBar Coupon Code, GS1 DataBar, GS1-128, GS1 Datamatrix

Barcode Software For Mac and PC

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Barcodes In FileMaker

Mac OSX & PC

Create barcodes on FileMaker layouts, and print to any printer.

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"BARCODE X is the complete barcode solution"

Make vector based accurate barcodes to use in Illustrator, Quark XPress, InDesign, Corel Draw and other applications with outlined text, or use our plugins to make barcodes in your FileMaker databases.

Fact: 90% of barcode software does not produce accurate codes to the recognised international standards.

Barcode X recognises all barcoding standards and adheres to them.
Don't lose out with inaccurate barcodes.
Barcode X software is accurate to 1/10000th of a micron.

Click For Information About Barcode For Artwork And Graphics or Barcode For Filemaker.

Use the standalone version on Mac OSX or Windows PC to make barcode graphics as vector EPS and other formats or to print labels. Or use the plug in for Filemaker.

Make all types of barcodes
including codes such as QRCode, Datamatrix and even specialist medical barcodes such as Code 32.
Click For Information About Barcode For Artwork And Graphics.

Click For Information About Barcode For Filemaker.

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The applications' simple interface hides the most powerful product available.

Create barcode artwork, serial numbered barcodes, import from files, create and print labels, eps graphics, tiffs and other formats, set visual options and create barcodes 1,000 times more accurate than any other barcode software product.

Fact: No other barcode application offers the range of code types, including support for specialist retailer barcodes (such as Marks and Spencer, IKEA, and Black and Decker) and medical barcodes such as Laetus.

Barcode X is the only recommended digital barcode generator for many retailers such as Marks and Spencer and Peacocks stores.

You also benefit from our 20 years experience making barcoding products with free support, multi user pricing and easy upgrades.

Fact: All versions of our software offer complete control over Width, Height and Barwidth Reduction BWR in microns, to allow for ink spread.

Other settings are easily accessed in the application to set visual options such as font, lines around the code and hundreds of other options.

More versatile and accurate than fonts, includes Easy Serial Numbering, Apple Mac OSX and PC Windows Application Versions and Plug-Ins for FileMaker!

Now with support for ISBN 13 (the new ISBN standard (ISBN-13)), RSS 14 (GS1 DataBar), including RSS Stacked, Omnidirectional, RSS Composite and Datamatrix, now also with UPC-E0 and UPC-E1 Barcodes in addition to the 120 other barcode types already supported.

Barcode X is the recognised professional standard and is used by thousands of companies worldwide our customers include:

Penguin Publishing
Dyson Appliances
Cambridge University Press
Rolls Royce
The National Trust
and many more...

Our fantastic bundle deals include a barcode reader! Great for small business and developers alike.

Available for Mac OS9, Mac OSX (Intel and PPC), Windows (including XP and Vista) and remember Barcode was the first!

We deliver software electronically worldwide, so you can get on with the job you need to do quickly.

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Barcode X Mac OSX and PC Windows Software Application

Barcode X FileMaker Plugin

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OSX Thermal Label
Printer Drivers


Barcode and label printer drivers for OSX, including UPS support

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thermal printer drivers

Barcode Bundles

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When you puchase a Software - Scanner bundle.

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Labelling Software

LabelBase Thermal Label
Printing Software

Design, Store and Print Labels To Thermal Label Printers
On OSX or Windows
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Asset, Item Tracking

QuickTrack Pro Barcode Loan, Asset and Item Management

Track Fixed Assets, Items, Components, Loan Stock, Files,
Time and Attendance
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Barcode Software

BARCODE X Application
Professional print standard Barcode Generator.
The Industry Standard for 20 years.
Exports Illustrator, EPS, TIFF, PostScript, BMP, PICT and more.
Price with FREE DELIVERY from £35

Compatible with Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, Corel and many more.
Apple Mac OS9/OSX or Windows.
Achieved 4.5/5 in MacUser

Databar and Coupon Code Software
Barcode Software Specifically For OSX
Choosing barcode software for use on Mac OSX.
Datamatrix Software
Barcode Plugins For Databases

BARCODE X for FileMaker

Plug-in to make barcodes for Mac OS9/OSX or PC Windows.
Supports Filemaker 5, 6, 7, 8.5, 9, 10, including Universal.
Price with FREE DELIVERY £99

Full Barcode Height, Width and Scale control in one field.
Accurate barcode sizing, even BWR to allow for ink spread.
Automatic GS1-128 Creation.

Achieved 4.5/5 in MacUser

BARCODE 2D PDF417 and Datamatrix Edition
PDF417 and Datamatrix 2d Barcodes for Filemaker. Supports Universal FM 8.5 - 10
Thermal Printer Drivers

Mac Thermal Printer Driver OSX

Print directly to a Thermal Printer from ANY OSX application.UPS Thermal Printer Driver OSX
Print directly to UPS supplied thermal printers, even in CampusShip and WorldShip.
Item Loan, Asset and Library Software

QuickTrack V Pro
Business, Library, Rental, Stores... tracking items across people and locations.
Free cut down 'Start' version with every barcode reader starts at £99
QuickTrack V Start Bundle
Item and Asset tracking software with FREE Phoenix II READER!
Barcode Verifiers

Standalone Datamatrix Verifier
Standalone solution, no computer required, to test Datamatrix and 2d Phramacode barcodes and print a report.
Barcode Printers

Spitfire Barcode Printers
Print to thermal and thermal transfer labels on Mac OSX and Windows.
Barcode Readers

Phoenix II Barcode Readers
The best reader we have ever sold!
Mac OS9/OSX and Windows compatible.
No Drivers Required.
Achieved 5/5 in MacUser
Price with FREE DELIVERY £99.
Now 3 for the price of 2

Swift III Barcode Reader Wand
Compact pen-like reader!
Mac OS9/OSX and Windows compatible.
No Drivers Required.
Price with FREE DELIVERY £115.
Now 3 for the price of 2

Eagle II Laser Barcode Reader
Superb laser reader!
Mac OS9/OSX and Windows compatible.
No Drivers Required.
Price with FREE DELIVERY £150.
Now 3 for the price of 2

Kestrel 2D Barcode Reader
Scan all 2D, Matrix and 1D codes directly into any application on your PC or Mac!
Magpie Mobile Barcode Reader
Collect barcodes remotely and download later or use wirelessly for instant input
Barcode Reader And Software Bundles
Barcode Tips


Barcode Information
Information on barcode types and their regulating authorities contact details.
Case Studies and Barcode Primer
Choosing Barcode Software
Choosing the correct software for your application.
Barcode FAQs
Business Software

Film Master Barcodes

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